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The Celtic fusion band Filidhean was formed in Rotterdam, The Netherlands by violinist Allison Stringer (Canada) and cellist Elena Kopteva (Russia).

Brought together by their love of Celtic music, the duo incorporates original music with Scottish, Irish, Newfoundland and Basque tunes. Filidhean was founded on the concept of musical narrative through the inclusion of folklore and history paired with cohesive musical selections.

Their repertoire consists of new and old tunes that connect the vividness of traditional music and the mastery of instrumental ensemble playing in order to explore new ways of transmitting musical storytelling to the public.

All tunes are original and/or arranged by Filidhean.

Our album, Unspoken Weavings, is now available!

You can also stream on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer... Basically, any streaming service you prefer.