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Allison Stringer
 Allison Stringer, a native of Newfoundland, Canada grew up surrounded by Celtic music. Beginning the fiddle at the age of two and a half, she quickly took to traditional music. Allison’s heritage stems from Newfoundland and Scotland and as a result while growing up, she was continuously hearing Scottish, Newfoundland and Cape Breton music. As well as playing Celtic music Allison is a former Highland Dancer and currently does Scottish Country Dancing with Elena.

Allison has always been enamoured by Celtic music and folklore and as a child was often off in the woods of Newfoundland searching for secret passages to fairylands. The love of Celtic culture is what spurred Allison into weaving folklore with music in both traditional and original compositional settings.

Allison has performed with acclaimed Canadian folk-fusion artist, Sammy Duke as well as alternative rock/cabaret artist, Amanda Palmer.
Elena Kopteva
Elena was born in Moscow. She initially wanted to play the violin but the violin class was full so she was offered a trial cello lesson. She liked it, and her only regret over the years of studying was that she cannot play Celtic music on it or dance while playing. Well now, some 20 years later, she found out you actually can play Celtic music on the cello and can also do something about the dancing part, so she tries all that out in Filidhean.

While still in Moscow, Elena played in a cello rock quartet Vespercellos for many years, together with Russian cellist Alexey Orlov.

In her free time, Elena enjoys fantasy books, computer games and writing.